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Why No Doumbeks from Taxali Bazaar or Other Local Shops?

Why are our doumbeks better? That’s probably the most ever asked question to us. But whenever someone asks us this question there is always a smile on our face, because we exactly know what a player wants in a doumbek and we cover all those needs.

Starting off from the foremost important part of a doumbek, The Skin? Well, we install our imported premium quality transparent synthetic head skin to the doumbeks, which not just produces good highs but their bass (lows) are our customer’s favorite too. Synthetic head skin produces a very controlled, and dynamic sound which you can play around with different gestures of your hand and fingers. Doumbeks available in the local market comes with plastic skin (easily bursts, one toned sound, annoying highs and very less or no ‘actual’ bass) or sometimes with very low quality animal skin (not treated well, very thin and rough) installed.

The Body? Our amazing doumbeks comes with high grade metal body, polished till the finest detail. If you might have noticed other Doumbek with jingles in pakistandoumbeks available in the market produces some sort of allergy or redness (just by holding it) if your hand’s skin in sensitive. But you don’t have to worry about that with our doumbeks. The fine high grade metal body plus polished are never going to cause any allergy or redness to your skin. The doumbeks available in the market are usually made from steel, dycast or wood (which is referred to as a djembe in the “Bazaar” and it literally breaks our heart, like come on) and they are not even polished making it very annoying to hold them. Our doumbeks also has beautiful floral patterns on their body to make them look more ethnic and beautiful. Another very important fact for having a good quality body is that it helps in throwing out the best neat sound.

If you’ve ever got a chance to play a doumbek you might have noticed your hands and fingers hurts a lot when you hit the head because the ring (body) around the head is almost at the same level of the head. Well, we’ve got that covered too, our doumbeks are well up above the ring making you only hit the skin not the body of the drum. You can play as long as you want, it won’t hurt you.

Our doumbeks comes in three head sizes to suit your needs. Our smallest head size, 8″ then we have 10″ doumbek which is a medium sized doumbek and then we have a 12″ head size doumbek. The length of the body increases as the size of the head increases accordingly. Doumbeks available in Taxali Bazaar and other local shops mostly comes in 6 to 10 inches head size.

Not just that, we are full of innovation. There’s an option for you to select between a doumbek with tambourine / jingles or without tambourine / jingles. You must be wondering what do we mean by tambourine. Well, our special doumbeks are also available with tambourine installed inside the head of the skin producing a very exciting tambourine sound along with the sound produced by the skin itself. You won’t find this anywhere else in Pakistan.

Buy Doumbek without Jingles | Buy Doumbek with Jingles

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Haider Jamil Music playing our 12″ doumbek with jingles:

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