We are based in Lahore, and we are providing cash on delivery service for our products to almost all over the country. We are also providing the option to pick up your instrument if you’re in Lahore directly from our warehouse to cut down the delivery charges.

The Sangeet Shop is created to provide high quality premium musical instruments online at affordable prices to people in Pakistan. We want everyone to get at least a single instrument, and start playing it. Not for just making them a musician but to help them fresh their mind and learn some skills.

We have some of the highest quality instruments which are not usually available for sale in Pakistan. We have doumbeks with Synthetic Head, which is one of the best sound we have ever heard. Not just that we have very unique doumbeks which includes an internal jingle inside it to create an exciting sound when it’s hit on the head. Our djembes are made from the finest quality wood, known as “Sheesham” and “Rosewood” with high quality goatskin installed to it. We don’t have hair skin djembe displayed but if you’re really a fan of djembes, we can also help you install hair skin for your djembe at nominal rates.

We are open for all sort of feedback, please free to send us a message here.

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  1. Awesome initiative and really looking forward to using your services. Can you kindly tell me when are you going to put acoustic instruments on sale?

    1. Hey Kabir, thank you so much. We only provide high quality instruments, and just to make sure that it will take a little while to have acoustic guitars listed. Even though we will keep updating our line of instruments weekly.

  2. Aoa, do you guys also teach this turkish drum, I think this is called dabruka and where in lahore can I visit your warehouse?

    1. Hello Usman,

      We have sent you an email, on your provided email address ……an…am@yahoo.com.

  3. Will a whole drum kit be available for purchase in near future ?

    1. Hey Ahmed, it’s too early to say. We are focusing more on middle eastern instruments currently.

  4. Hello. I am in Lahore for
    A few days . I would like to purchase 4-5 rubabs to take back to my home country. Is there a walk-in store I can come see the rubabs ? I live currently in model town , so if the store is close by I can walk in .
    Thank you

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